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What Clients Are Saying

Moshe was very understanding and knew exactly how to work with lenders to fight and get the best deal out there, I felt very taken care of.
-Fil R.

Moshe and his team were very thorough and got the job done very fast. Thank you for shopping the market and helping us get the best rate. We will definitely refer you in the future.
-Christina S.

Moshe made the process simple for me, assisting me when I had questions and working to resolve issues expeditiously. All in all the process was very fast and easy.
-Cheryl O.

Moshe was available day or night to answer my questions. Excellent customer service! I’m a repeat customer.
-David M.

Moshe provided the most amazing service, easy to understand and found the best deal for my budget!!! He went beyond my expectations and I’m extremely satisfied!
-Aleyda J.

We’d been stuck in a two loan adjustable mortgage for 10 years. Our place was underwater since after the market crashed in 2007. The price finally edged up, but we were still unable to get anyone to help us get into a fixed rate. A friend told us about Moshe, and within a few days we were on our way to a fixed rate. Moshe explained everything in detail and then some, and clearly laid out our options. We will definitely recommend Moshe to anyone needing help with their mortgage.
-Larry W.

Moshe was fantastic, he went above and beyond. He is smart, fast, and communicates clearly. I highly recommend him.
-Joe W.

Moshe is highly professional and informative. He is knowledgeable, punctual and great communicator. He’s patient and able to help us during the entire process.
-Lance W.

This was an EPIC loan experience. 3% rate w/ AMAZING service!
-Bernadette & Spencer Guzman, Beverly Hills, CA August 2015

Moshe is my client’s preferred lender as made known to me after I had already referred my client my own preferred lender whom I have been using for may years and who is normally outstanding in service. However, my buyer client was running into some issue’s that ended up differently than first expected which made my buyer client a bit uncomfortable so I advised my buyer client that they are always free to use which ever lender they choose and that it would hurt to get another opinion or two. My buyer client ended up contacting Moshe who they had done some past lending with and Moshe had no problem in making our client very happy adhering to original expectations and followed through on every promise and was even able to work in getting the transaction completed well on time. I’m extremely impressed with Moshe and I plan on most likely using him again for additional / future transactions. Very happy with his services!! Way to go Moshe!!!!!

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