Pacific Choice Mortgage

Fixed Rate 2nd Home Equity Loans


Are you building a house with credit cards? There are better ways to invest in home improvements.


It may seem only natural to whip out the plastic when paying for home repairs or small improvement projects. Unfortunately, credit card interest rates are typically high, and maxing out credit lines can be bad for your credit score. Make new home improvements, debt consolidation, pay off adjustable rate rising HELOCs.


A closed end FIXED rate 2nd lien mortgage can be a good alternative. Right now, interest rates are still historically low and may even be tax deductible (check with your tax pro).


-Min. Loan Amount $40,000

-Max. Loan Amount $500,000

-Fixed Rate Terms, fully amortizing of 15, 20, 25 and YES 30 Yr Fixed

-Full Income Documentation

-1 unit properties only

-Primary and Second Homes Only

-Max combined loan amounts options above 80% up to 100%%

-ZERO points

-ZERO pre-payment penalties


If your mortgage carries an interest rate higher than current rates, you could even end up lowering your monthly payment. Imagine that: little to no cash out of pocket, fully financed improvements and happier occupants.


Alternatives are a great thing to have. Call today, and we’ll be happy to discuss yours.